Hawaiian Gift Baskets full of Aloha

Our Hawaiian gift baskets are homemade, handmade delights from the tropical Hawaiian Islands will add a unique 'getaway experience' for you, your family and friends for any ocassion.  Treat yourself to gourmet Hawaiian food items found only in the Hawaii!  What better addition to send some aloha than to display the ONLY 100% Kona coffee, the ONLY macadamia nuts, the ONLY chocolate, and THE ONLY Maui Gold Pineapples grown and harvested in the United States.  
Gift baskets are the perfect way to show someone your Aloha (the Hawaiian word for love).  We hand select all the unique Hawaiian treats so you know that you are getting the best of Hawaii every time you buy a gift basket from us and the person that you bestow one of our baskets upon will truly know what it means to be treated like royalty.  If they have visited the Hawaiian Islands before they will surely be familiar with the delicious pineapples and tasty chocolate covered macadamia nuts featured in our packages.  If they are new to the islands then they deserve to know the joys of 100% Kona and Maui coffees.  Don't you want to be the one to introduce them?
Do you ever ask yourself what do I get that person that has everything?  A Hawaiian gift basket makes the perfect gift.  It is a great reminder of that perfect Hawaiian vacation or for someone new to the Hawaiian Islands it makes a great intro into paradise.  Our baskets allow you to reminisce about the most beautiful parts of Hawaii from the comfort of your living room, even if you live somewhere where the snow is pouring down! Let the smell of fresh pineapple, banana macnut pancakes, and rich creamy 100% Kona Coffee fill your home during the holidays.  
Share with your family, friends and co-workers the gift of Aloha all year long!
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